Sunday, 28 July 2013

Gordon Cheung - Studio Visit

This week I had an amazing opportunity to meet with the artist Gordon Cheung in his studio in Victoria, London. Paul and I went up to discuss his new 3D printed bulb series which will soon be available through CFPR Editions. You can find out more about this project on the CFPR Editions blog and see more images of our visit on flickr.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Stan's Studio

Last Thursday Paul Laidler (CFPR Research Fellow) and I went to visit the artist Stanley Donwood at his studio in Bath. We have recently been producing a series of laser-engraved images for the artist in preparation for two new projects for CFPR Editions - and therefore went equipped with the results for Stan’s perusal.

Being a huge music fan I have known Stan’s work for many years and was really excited to have the opportunity to meet with him, although maybe also a little nervous. He instantly made us feel very at home showing us around his studio and chatted away about the many projects he is presently working on. He kindly let me document the visit so I took lots of snaps as he discussed upcoming exhibitions and record launches and the various painting he is currently finishing.

He had an amazing energy when talking about his work and explained how difficult he found it to sell paintings as he grows so attached to them. This led on to a really interesting conversation about the democratic nature of printmaking through editioning. Stan also explained how rewarding he found the printmaking processes and his continued excitement each time he reveals the first proof.

As I’m originally from Devon, I asked him about his time in Exeter and he talked about his dual honours degree in English Literature and Fine Art, which was split between Exeter University and Exeter Art College. He explained that in the first year all of the Fine Art students had to do a module in the different specialism’s - sculpture, painting, etc. In this instance Stan decided to do printmaking first, with a view to ‘getting it out of the way’ but as soon as he got started Stan instantly fell in love with it and never really left.

Although we tried not to mention Radiohead too much, he happily reminisced about his time with Thom Yorke who he meet whilst at college and their time playing on the original Apple Macs. He went on to talk about different cover designs, explaining the concepts and methods employed to achieve the diverse mix of results.

After a little while he was keen to see our handy work and seemed genuinely excited by the proofs. His work lends itself incredibly well to the laser-etching process giving a further organic feel to the result. Having given the green light to start the editions Stan and Paul then discussed edition sizes, substrates and presentation, I can’t wait to get the first one finished and framed. There was even talk about further collaboration opportunities and we hope to start some further testing, it really was a enlightening experience and an amazing day.

You can see more pictures of our visit on my flickr site

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Its All About The Acronyms - D&AD and ISTD

So it was all going on last week, firstly I had some of my work shown at D&AD New Blood where the UWE stand was nominated for best in show.

Then on friday I went up to Pentagrams offices in London to the ISTD (International Society of Typographic designers) awards. It was a fantastic evening full of goodie bags, buffets and free booze, a good time was had by all!