Sunday, 10 February 2013

Death Bea-cons Her

Here is another test shot from my series based upon the General Theory of Mortality a paper I found on NASA’s website when researching my ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) brief. It is a difficult project to sum up quickly but essentially it is trying to symbolise a complex equation where life is represented through a ‘health frequency curve’ or energy level.

Here is a short extract for your enjoyment…

‘The difference between the forces of deterioration and recuperation, i.e. the ratio which the net upward flow through rating r per unit of time bears to f(x, r), will be called the "net force of deterioration" and will be denoted by ø (x, r). Thus ø(x,r) = ø1 (x,r)-ø2(x,r). The net force of deterioration will in general be positive. It may happen for some values of x and r to be negative, but for any given value of r it cannot remain negative indefinitely, for if so the net upward flow through rating r would always be negative, and the number of lives of rating lower than r would increase continually, which is impossible since the lives must die sooner or later. If our scale for measuring health is well devised, the net force of deterioration will always be positive.’