Saturday, 3 May 2014

Hot Off The Press!

A few images of my recently completed 120 page perfect bound publication (using two papers stocks) that documents my internship at the CFPR.

Friday, 18 April 2014

It's Gonna Be Monster!

Here are the adverts I designed for Creative Review, Crack Magazine and a-n magazine for the UWE degree show. Not sure that they completely comply with the UWE's branding regulations....?

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Just My Type

On Tuesday Alex Jenkins came over to see me at Uni to do some letterpress for a branding project that he is currently working on. He really wanted to capture the unique quality of wooden type so we rummaged through the many type drawers until he found exactly what he was looking for. 

It has been a while since I last did letterpress so we did recruit the help of Angie Butler who is currently doing a PhD entitled ‘Evidencing the role of Letterpress as a contemporary process within book arts practice and higher education in the UK’ so a real master in this area! When all the type was correctly positioned and locked into place it really didn’t take very long to do the printing but I had forgotten the pleasure of this process, the fantastic smell of the ink and the amazing textures that you achieve. 

Alex is going to scan the prints and save each letter separately so he can lay them out digitally. I really hope he got what he was looking for and that the client liked the results - I had a great time helping out.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Multiplied Contemporary Art in Editions Fair 2013

On 16th October, after a good few months of preparation, the van had been hired, the hotel was booked, new editions had been completed and framed, the prints were safely wrapped, our bags were packed and CFPR Edition's were off to Multiplied 2013.

After arriving safely in London and dropping the work off at Christie's we were able to enjoy a few hours in Kensington soaking up the atmosphere and taking in our new surroundings.

The next morning we set off to hang the show and with only a few amendments to our post-it note plan, and some very kind help from CFPR Editions artists Andy Super and Cecilia Mandrile, the exhibition went up without a hitch.

The private view that evening had an amazing buzz. It was great to see so many of the CFPR artists there although we didn't get much time to chat as the work had created so much interest. Brownister Hen's new series of medium skulls went down a storm and we nearly sold out in the first hour.

During the course of the weekend the work continued to generate a lot of attention resulting in sales from visitors and collectors from around the world.

The addition of Cecilia to the team was fantastic and gave us all a chance to wonder round the other forty or so exhibits and look at the diverse mix of prints on display. This year there was a really interesting variety of stands from galleries such as Eyestorm, Riflemaker, Whitechaple Gallery, Flowers Gallery and Sims Reed Gallery to name but a few. It was also great to have fellow Bristol based Spike Print Studio opposite us.

I think my favourite work came from The Multiple Store who specialise in 3D editions and have worked with artists such as Langlands & Bell and Cornelia Parker. Paul seemed pretty keen on one of their Dan Hays screen-prints too. Cecilia had her eye on Grey Area Multiples from Paris; I think she would have liked to have taken home a few of Guy Allott’s robots.

It really was brilliant to be part of such an exciting event and it seemed a shame to pack up on the Monday evening. Hopefully CFPR Editions will be back for a third year in 2014.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

What a Show!

Stanley Donwood's laser engraved prints produced in collaboration with CFPR Editions
On Thursday night Dr Paul Laidler and I went to the private view of Stanley Donwood's solo show 'Far Away is Close at Hand in Images of Elsewhere' at The Outsiders Gallery, 8 Greek Street, Soho, London. We have been working with Stan on two new laser engravings which are now available through CFPR Editions and it was great to see them on show as part of this fantastic exhibition.

Paul admiring one of Stan's Holloway Paintings

It was also lovely to catch up with Stan and we even got to meet his dad! If you are in London in the next few weeks (the show runs until October 19th) I would defiantly recommend a visit, a real must see.

You can read more on this work and the exhibition on the following sites:

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

MA Curating Anyone?

Here is the poster I designed for the MA Curating course at UWE, Bristol. As this is a new course I had no imagery to play with so went for a typographic Swiss inspired feel and printed it using the risograph.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Far Away Is Close At Hand

Artist Stan Donwood talks about his upcoming show in London in a new blog post mentioning the two laser etchings that I have been helping to produce with CFPR Editions.

He is showing both pieces in this not to be missed exhibition.

Check it out -

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Gordon Cheung - Studio Visit

This week I had an amazing opportunity to meet with the artist Gordon Cheung in his studio in Victoria, London. Paul and I went up to discuss his new 3D printed bulb series which will soon be available through CFPR Editions. You can find out more about this project on the CFPR Editions blog and see more images of our visit on flickr.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Stan's Studio

Last Thursday Paul Laidler (CFPR Research Fellow) and I went to visit the artist Stanley Donwood at his studio in Bath. We have recently been producing a series of laser-engraved images for the artist in preparation for two new projects for CFPR Editions - and therefore went equipped with the results for Stan’s perusal.

Being a huge music fan I have known Stan’s work for many years and was really excited to have the opportunity to meet with him, although maybe also a little nervous. He instantly made us feel very at home showing us around his studio and chatted away about the many projects he is presently working on. He kindly let me document the visit so I took lots of snaps as he discussed upcoming exhibitions and record launches and the various painting he is currently finishing.

He had an amazing energy when talking about his work and explained how difficult he found it to sell paintings as he grows so attached to them. This led on to a really interesting conversation about the democratic nature of printmaking through editioning. Stan also explained how rewarding he found the printmaking processes and his continued excitement each time he reveals the first proof.

As I’m originally from Devon, I asked him about his time in Exeter and he talked about his dual honours degree in English Literature and Fine Art, which was split between Exeter University and Exeter Art College. He explained that in the first year all of the Fine Art students had to do a module in the different specialism’s - sculpture, painting, etc. In this instance Stan decided to do printmaking first, with a view to ‘getting it out of the way’ but as soon as he got started Stan instantly fell in love with it and never really left.

Although we tried not to mention Radiohead too much, he happily reminisced about his time with Thom Yorke who he meet whilst at college and their time playing on the original Apple Macs. He went on to talk about different cover designs, explaining the concepts and methods employed to achieve the diverse mix of results.

After a little while he was keen to see our handy work and seemed genuinely excited by the proofs. His work lends itself incredibly well to the laser-etching process giving a further organic feel to the result. Having given the green light to start the editions Stan and Paul then discussed edition sizes, substrates and presentation, I can’t wait to get the first one finished and framed. There was even talk about further collaboration opportunities and we hope to start some further testing, it really was a enlightening experience and an amazing day.

You can see more pictures of our visit on my flickr site